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Member Spotlight

Our Policy Ambassadors Make a Difference
From Logan to St. George, Moab to Tooele, in all professional roles and career stages, UEA Policy Ambassadors advocate to make our schools and communities worthy of our students.

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Policy Ambassadors

Your Voice Matters

The Utah Education Association (UEA) has been instrumental in demystifying the legislative process for me, fostering an environment where even those who may feel apprehensive can actively contribute to shaping policies that impact our schools and students.
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Policy Ambassadors

Earn the Right to Complain

Engaging with local legislators is not merely a civic duty; it is an opportunity to ensure our voices are acknowledged, our concerns are addressed, and our democracy flourishes. Let's actively connect with those shaping Utah's future, fostering a more informed, inclusive, and responsive political landscape in our state.
Woman wearing pink smiles in school picture.
Policy Ambassadors

The Fight for Teachers' Rights and Union Support in Utah

"While Utah may not have a reputation as a pro-union state, there is a historical background in this regard. We need a voice and empower educators to negotiate fair compensation and benefits such as healthcare, pensions, paid leave, and better working and learning environments."
White woman with blonde hair and cream coat smiles next to lawmaker at the capitol.
Policy Ambassadors

Policy Education as an Educator

Legislators need education on classrooms and teachers' wants and needs. Teachers need education on educational politics, how to support politics, and how not to be overwhelmed.
Man in grey suit and red tie smiles while at the Utah Capitol.
Policy Ambassadors

The Democratization of Education Legislation

The only way we will fix these problems is not by coming up with policies based on ideological assumptions or what other states are doing; it will be when the state legislature takes teachers seriously and turns to us to help solve these problems.
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Policy Ambassadors

Personal Reflection: How I Found My Voice

"For many years, I let others advocate in my place because I was emotionally exhausted but also because I was intimidated. I lacked the confidence to speak on behalf of my students and even myself. As it did for many others, experiencing the school closures during 2020 shifted my professional focus. It was time to step up."