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a picture from behind a rally of educators filling the dome at the utah capitol

Join UEA Today! You belong in the Movement!

UEA is Utah's largest public education employee association led by educators for educators. By banding together, we impact meaningful change for educators and students.


UEA makes sure the voices of educators are actually heard. Together, we have successfully raised educator wages, improved working conditions, and increased public school funding. We can have an even stronger voice when you join us today.

Jeremy Reynoso
My experience in UEA has helped me to truly believe that the arc of the moral universe bends toward truth, justice and freedom.
Quote by: Jeremy Reynoso, Elementary Teacher


Becoming a member of the Utah State Education Association connects you with a movement of educators and school staff supporting each other. Our union advocates for the funding and resources that you, your schools, and your students deserve. This includes:

Together we're stronger. Together we're heard. 

With more members like you, we’ll have a stronger voice so that we can secure real pay increases, change our workplace, and protect our rights.

Need more reasons to join? Here are the Top 10.

Lindsey Larsen talking about why she teaches innovatively.
I want to be the teacher that inspires someone to not give up. I want to be the reason why they want to come to school and it’s so much more than a grade on a piece of paper.
Quote by: Lindsey Larsen, 6th Grade Teacher


UEA members are as diverse as the students we represent, but united in our purpose: championing justice and excellence in public education. UEA members can belong to the movement in every phase of their career!
UEA members at a training in a classroom after school.


Already a member and looking to switch to AutoPay or get more involved?
Educators hold signs advocating for school funding in a school atrium.

Active Educators (Full or Part-Time)

Includes those possessing a bachelor degree or higher from an institution of higher education, holding the appropriate teaching license, and employed full- or part-time in a Utah public school. Also includes those pursuing a non-traditional teaching license or teaching in “technical trades” in secondary or post-secondary institutions.
Aspiring educators pause for a picture after a day of mock interviews with the Granite Education Association

Aspiring Educators

Aspiring educator membership is available to students enrolled in teacher preparation courses in a Utah accredited public or private college or university and who does not have a teaching contract.
Retired educators sit with a sign in a large crowd rallying for public education at the state capitol.

Retired Educators

Retired Membership is available to former members no longer employed, at least forty-five years of age, who were employed at least five years in a position qualifying for Active membership.
Former Teachers of the Year pose with a sign that says "An investment in education pays the best interest."

Reserve Membership

Former members of the association who no longer qualify for active membership, including those on a leave of absence, educators serving as teaching interns on partial salary, graduate students with a teaching certificate, or others not otherwise eligible for membership, may avail reserve membership.
UEA staff pose for a picture wearing red for ed.


Any individual employed in a professional staff position by the association or its affiliates is eligible for staff membership.
Buffy Blunck School Picture
I know people that are supporting me . . .I feel like there’s still hope. There's still people that are supporting us and fighting for us teachers.
Quote by: Buffy Blunck, High School CTE Teacher
UEA President Pinkney and members at the Freedom to Teach Rally in Florida in July 2023.

Together we're stronger. Together we're heard.

You belong in the movement! Join today to belong to the movement of educators and school staff fighting for the pay and working conditions we all deserve.

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

With more than 18,000 members across the state, UEA supports equal opportunities for success for ALL Utah students, and respect and support for all educators.