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Welcome to the UEA

For more than a century, the Utah Education Association has been dedicated to preserving and enhancing Utah public education.

What UEA Members are Saying...


Being a member of the Association adds a lot of value to the teaching profession. Once I got engaged in the Association, I realized that I could have an impact beyond my classroom, which is good for all students.

Davy Jones

Carbon Education Association

Get to know UEA

The UEA is the largest public education employee association in Utah, representing about 18,000 active classroom teachers, retired educators, administrators, licensed educational support personnel and campus student organizations.

Our Mission

Advance the cause of public education in partnership with others:
strengthen the teaching profession, promote quality schools, and advocate the well-being of members.


  • Racial and Social Justice
  • Professional Development and Support
  • Quality Public Schools
  • Organizational Growth and Capacity


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10 Reasons why association membership means more

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Discount rates on insurance and other money-saving programs can often save you the cost of your dues.

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