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Policy Ambassadors

Stand Strong Against HB285 to Safeguard Educators' Voices

United, our voices are stronger. Through educator unions, we can foster a unified front that amplifies our collective voice.
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Published: January 30, 2024

Entering my eighth year of teaching at Westlake High School, I've had the privilege of instructing students in Financial Literacy, Accounting, Real Estate, and Investment & Wealth Management, engaging in Driver Education and coaching various sports. Each year brought its share of changes—new policies, contracts, and pay adjustments—that significantly impacted our professional lives as educators. As a newcomer, navigating these changes and finding a platform for my voice was challenging. However, my involvement with the UEA (and my local AEA) Unions provided a much-needed avenue for engagement and advocacy.

This year, I've taken a step further by becoming a UEA Policy Ambassador. I aim to deepen my understanding of how teachers can effectively voice their concerns, comprehend the legislative process, and support my colleagues in meaningful ways

HB285: Labor Union Amendments is a pressing issue in this session, which I believe undermines teachers' collective voice and individual advocacy efforts. We must unite against this bill, regardless of our union affiliations. The UEA has consistently championed the rights of all teachers, not just its members. The passage of this bill could severely hinder union operations, prompting us to question who will advocate for educators in its absence.

"United, our voices are stronger . . . "

I urge my fellow teachers to stand together against this bill. United, our voices are stronger, and through educator unions, we can foster a unified front that amplifies our collective voice.

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Protect Public Worker rights in Utah

By joining together and speaking out as one voice, we can protect worker rights and make Utah a state where everyone can thrive.

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