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WORKERS' RIGHTS ARE UNDER ATTACK Stand Against HB 285: Labor Union Amendments

Together, we must stand up for justice, fairness, and the rights of all workers in Utah. Stand with Utah public workers and sign the petition. Say NO to HB285.

Take Immediate Action

We urge you to join us at this critical moment by signing the petition to demand that our lawmakers vote NO on HB 285. Your support can make a difference in safeguarding the rights, freedoms, and future of Utah's public employees.

Sign the petition now to stand with Utah public workers!

Take Action Now!

UEA President Renée Pinkney testifies at a microphone at the statehouse.
HB 285 undermines this fundamental right, imposing unfair restrictions on labor unions that solely aim to weaken our collective voice. Let us unite in opposition to this bill, reaffirming our commitment to fair representation, worker rights, and the principles of democracy in our great state of Utah.
Quote by: Renée Pinkney, UEA President

About HB 285

House Bill 285 unfairly targets labor unions by:

  • Restricting Representation: Singling out labor unions by making it more challenging for public employees, including educators and public safety workers, to receive fair representation.
  • Limiting Payroll Options: Implementing an "opt-in" requirement for union dues payroll deductions annually, a restriction not applied to any other payroll deductions.
  • Mandatory Recertification: Forcing labor unions to undergo unnecessary recertification every five years, despite Utah's right-to-work status that allows for voluntary union membership.
  • Invasive Reporting: Requiring unions to disclose member counts to employers or the state auditor is an unwarranted intrusion into private organizational matters.

Take Action Now!

Read our Issue Brief

The Impact

These provisions will burden labor unions with needless procedures under the guise of "protecting" employees who voluntarily join an association, effectively weakening the collective voice of Utah's workforce.

Take Action Now!

Dr. Sara Jones listens to a member at the Utah Capitol.
There is no requirement that any employee join any association as a public employee… Every member of our association has voluntarily joined the association of their preference. They can end their membership at any time.
Quote by: Dr. Sara Jones, UEA Director at the House Business and Labor Committee hearing

Your Role

Your voice is crucial in this fight. Here's how you can help:

  • Support Workers: If you stand with Utah's public employees and their right to fair representation, it's time to act.
  • Champion Fair Representation: Advocate for the right of workers to choose union support for fair wages and working conditions by opposing HB 285.
  • Defend Personal Freedom: Uphold individual freedom and choice for Utah's workers by speaking out against this bill.
  • Reject Government Overreach: Oppose unnecessary government intrusion into workers' paycheck management and the discriminatory targeting of labor unions.
Four UEA leaders sit at Utah Capitol and smile at camera.

Stand with Utah Public Workers!

Your voice is needed to protect public worker rights in Utah!

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

With more than 18,000 members across the state, UEA supports equal opportunities for success for ALL Utah students, and respect and support for all educators.