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UEA leaders pose for a picture at the 2023 NEA RA

Our Leaders

What does leadership look like? All of us.
Members of UEA elect UEA's top officers and set UEA policy. Here are your leaders, making your voice heard.
At the state level, UEA is governed by a president, vice president and board of directors, each elected by their peer member educators.

Our President

Renée Pinkney has been a public educator for over two decades and is a fierce advocate for Utah's students and educators.

Our Board of Directors

Eighteen-thousand members elect UEA's top officers who debate issues and set policy. Here are your leaders making your voice heard.
UEA ED Jennifer Boehme
I want educators and students to be successful and look forward to continuing this work for the amazing educators throughout Utah.
Quote by: Jennifer Boehme, UEA Executive Director
Smiling educators working together

Together we're stronger. Together we're heard.

You belong in the movement! Join today to belong to the movement of educators and school staff fighting for the pay and working conditions we all deserve.

Use Your Educator Voice.

We are THE voice for educators in Utah. See what membership can mean for you!

What’s on Your Mind?

We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

With more than 18,000 members across the state, UEA supports equal opportunities for success for ALL Utah students, and respect and support for all educators.