Retired Membership

Teaching isn’t just a job. It’s a life.

Welcome to membership in the NEA/UEA Retired program. As a UEA-Retired member you maintain all of the UEA and NEA member benefits you enjoyed as an active member, plus some additional benefits designed specifically for retired members. Here is a short video on the benefits of UEA-Retired.

Retired Membership is available to former members no longer employed, at least forty-five years of age, who were employed at least five years in a position qualifying for active membership. Here is an NEA’s Member Benefits Flyer with information about the advantages of UEA Retired Membership.

If you would like to become a UEA-Retired member, complete and return the Retired Membership Application Form (PDF).

Retired members still have the money-saving advantages of a UEA/Access discount card with 200,000 national merchants offering up to 50 percent off on every-day purchases.

Retired members also receive UEA publications and NEA’s This Active Life, a magazine designed for retired educators. Our very own  Ryan Anderson, Vice President of UEA-Retired is on the cover of  NEA’s October 2021 NEA Today for Retired Members.  Click on NEA Today October 2021 to see the cover and read the article. Listed below are some of the most popular NEA Member Benefits programs for retired members:

NEA Insurance Programs:

  • Auto & Home Insurance Protection, NEA Level Premium Term Life Insurance, NEA Medicare Supplement, NEA Dental and Vision Insurance, NEA Pet Insurance

NEA Financial Programs:

  • NEA Credit Card, NEA Home Financing, NEA Personal Loan, Money Market Saving Account, Sponsored CD

NEA Consumer Discount Programs:

  • NEA Auto Purchase Advantage, NEA Hearing Aid Savings Plan, NEA ID Theft Protection, NEA Magazine Service, NEA Vision and Prescription Savings Plan.

Review this simple list of NEA Member Benefits Programs and Services that retired members are eligible for.
Visit UEA Publications for links to the UEA’s popular publications and news articles affecting public education.
Visit NEA Retired for dozens of links and articles of interest.
Contact the UEA Membership Office at 801-266-4461 or 800-594-8996 with questions regarding your membership or if you need additional information.

An Article by Warren Brodhead, UEA-R Retirement Issues and Communications Committee

“Nursing Home Assistants and Home Health Care Aides are two occupations that are on the frontlines of our often frantic
and heartrending attempts to resist and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. They are especially of concern to retirees, who
often have elderly family members in these facilities or require health care assistance at home. Yet these essential
workers are among the lowest-paid of all workers. The average wage for nursing home assistants is $13.02 per hour,
which is less than the wages of many positions in the fast-food industry. These jobs are also among the most
stressful. According to the National Institutes of Health, the nursing home sector is the second most hazardous in the
U.S., and are often associated with poor mental health due to stressful working conditions. The combination of low
pay and job-related stress has led to a notoriously high turnover rate (over 74% a year in many locations).

“The UEA-R Retirement Issues and Communications Committee is taking on the challenge of providing pertinent
information about this topic and exploring ways to help improve the wages and working conditions of these essential

UEA-Retired Officers

UEA-Retired President

Trudy Henderson


UEA-Retired Vice-President

Ryan Anderson


UEA-Retired Secretary/Treasurer

Keith Tondro


UEA-Retired Board of Directors

Sheryl Allen 
Amy Barton, UEA Liaison  
Cathy Boyd
Warren Brodhead
Elizabeth Carlin
Sue Dickey
James Griffin
Susan Gilman-Hasenwinkel
Richard Heath
Vicki Olsen
Cindy Quercia
 Paula Zsiray