Retired Membership

Teaching isn’t just a job. It’s a life.

Welcome to membership in the NEA/UEA Retired program. As a UEA-Retired member, you maintain all of the UEA and NEA member benefits you enjoyed as an active member, plus some additional benefits designed specifically for retired members. Here is a short video on the benefits of UEA-Retired. Retired Membership is available to former members no longer employed, at least forty-five years of age, who were employed for at least five years in a position qualifying for active membership. Here is an NEA’s Member Benefits Flyer with information about the advantages of UEA Retired Membership.

If you would like to become a UEA-Retired member, complete and return the 2023-2024 UEA-Retired Membership Form (PDF).

If you would like to run for a UEA-Retired Office or Board position, complete and return the 2023 UEA-Retired Declaration of Candidacy Form (PDF).

To apply for the Pat Rusk Legacy Scholarship, complete and return the Pat Rusk Legacy Scholarship Application Form (PDF).

Benefits of UEA-Retired Membership

Product and Service Discounts

  • Retired members still have the money-saving advantages of particpation in NEA Member Benefits and UEA/Access Development discount programs with merchants nationwide offering savings on every-day purchases including auto purchasing, hearing aid savings plans, ID theft protection, vsion and prescription savings plans and more.


  • Retired members also receive UEA publications and NEA Today – Retired, a magazine designed for retired educators. Listed below are some of the most popular NEA Member Benefits programs for retired members:

NEA Insurance Programs:

  • Auto & Home Insurance Protection, NEA Level Premium Term Life Insurance, NEA Medicare Supplement, NEA Dental and Vision Insurance, NEA Pet Insurance

NEA Financial Programs:

  • NEA Credit Card, NEA Home Financing, NEA Personal Loan, Money Market Saving Account, Sponsored CD

Contact the UEA Membership Office at 801-266-4461 or 800-594-8996 with questions regarding your membership or if you need additional information.

UEA-Retired News

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UEA-Retired Officers

UEA-Retired President

Trudy Henderson uearetired18@gmail.com


UEA-Retired Vice-President

Ryan Anderson kumquatry@hotmail.com


UEA-Retired Secretary/Treasurer

Keith Tondro krtondro@gmail.com


UEA-Retired Board of Directors

Cathy Boyd cathyboyd57@comcast.net
Joel Briscoe joelfor25@gmail.com 
Warren Brodhead brodhead@xmission.com
Elizabeth Carlin buzytwo@netzero.net
Sue Dickey sdickey53@yahoo.com
James Griffin jimgriffin67@gmail.com
Susan Gilman-Hasenwinkel sjhasenwinkel@gmail.com
Mike Mudrow, UEA Liaison word.man@comcast.net 
Tom Nedreberg thomas.nedreberg@gmail.com 
Cindy Quercia ciquercia@hotmail.com
Penney Tyree ptyree53@gmail.com 
Val Thurnell vthurnell@gmail.com