For Professional Educators

Teaching isn’t just a job. It’s a life.

More than 18,000 Utah teachers strong, UEA is Utah’s leading advocate for children, public schools and teachers.

We represent K-12 teachers, administrators, future educators and retired educators.

Why Join?

Belong to your professional association

Our strength is in our numbers. As part of Utah’s largest professional teacher association, you become part of a team dedicated to improving the teaching profession and strengthening Utah’s public schools. Along with more than 18,000 colleagues across the state, you can make a difference.

While educators are busy preparing Utah’s children for the future, UEA staff monitor the activities of the Legislature, the Utah State Board of Education, local boards of education, and other agencies that set rules and regulations affecting public education. The UEA uses the strengths of its 18,000 members to influence policy makers and support legislation that supports teachers and students.

Benefits of UEA Membership

As a UEA member you enjoy the following:

  • Access to a statewide staffing network that provides members with a professional consultant in 11 geographic locations.
  • On-site service in bargaining and contract enforcement, as well as advice on grievances, explanation of legal rights, political action and communications assistance, representation before administrators and boards of education, direct assistance at the bargaining table, and guidance related to professional development issues.
  • NEA Educators Employment Liability Program featuring $1 million professional liability protection.
  • UEA Legal Services program, and UniServ services and member advocacy.
  • NEA Member Benefits discount programs, insurance and purchasing programs.
  • UEA Access card and other deals and discounts.
  • Association publications such as NEA Today and NEA Now, UEA Action and other publications.
  • Participation in NEA and UEA professional development conferences, training and workshops at no cost.
  • Full voting rights in association elections, contract ratification and other decision -making processes.
  • Opportunities to run for elective office and delegate assemblies.
  • Access to NEA’s and UEA’s vast archive of professional research.
  • Consultation with and assistance from UEA’s professional staff specializing in bargaining, political organizing, conflict mediation, staff development, training and consulting, and media relations.
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive awards and recognition programs.
    Quality professional development programs, training, advocacy and representation, personal growth, and professional leadership.
  • Advocates for the teaching profession and Utah public education.