Member Organizer Support

Member Organizers are invited to apply for this grant to support your membership organizing efforts. Member Organizer teams can apply for up to $1,500 to support efforts in connecting with new hires in your district. We ask that you work with your UniServ Director and Local President and possibly your Local Board of Directors in finalizing your plan.

Application Process:

Applications must be submitted before February 1. After approval, funds will be directly deposited into the Local’s account. Final Reporting of the Member Organizers Grant will be included in the final UEA Blog write up. We ask that the following is considered:

  • PLAN AND BUDGET NARRATIVE: What is your plan for engagement of new hires from district new hire lists? How will you incorporate mentorship and equity?
  • GOALS AND METRICS: Plans should include measurable outcomes – How many new hires did your district have? How many are you hoping to invite to belong? What specific number of new members were recruited?

Grant applications will be reviewed, and feedback given by the Year-Round Organizing Team member, UniServ Director Kathleen Cheshire before approval notice.

Support Conditions:

  • Applications are subject to UEA approval and available funds. Applications and final report will be reviewed by the UEA Organizing and Capacity Building (OMC) Committee.
  • UEA will fund up to $1500 per UniServ. The applicant does not need to request the full $1500.
  • Applications must be submitted by the Member Organizers.
  • Member Organizers must authorize that their plan received the support of their UniServ Director and Local President.
  • Final grant report must be submitted by Member Organizers in the UEA Blog write up.


Connect with UEA Office at 801-266-4461/800-594-8996.

Member Organizer Support Application
Application must be filled out by the Member Organizer applying for this grant.
Some efforts could include school visits and covering sub reimbursements, snacks to bring to new hires, cover costs for selected new hires to attend Educator Day on the Hill?