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2023 General Election Candidate Recommendations

View candidates recommended by the UEA Political Action Committee in the November 2023 and prior General Elections.

The Politics of Public Education

Elected officials make decisions that impact teachers on a daily basis. From funding decisions to working conditions, public policy makers make political decisions that have very real consequences in the classroom. Therefore, the UEA takes a leadership role in urging the Utah State Legislature and State Board of Education to prioritize public school funding, promote quality teaching and learning, and ensure that school employees are valued and respected.

What is UEA-PAC?

Founded as the nation’s first educator political action committee in 1964, the Utah Education Association Political Action Committee (UEA-PAC) is the political arm of the UEA. Since absolutely no UEA member dues are used for political parties or candidates, UEA-PAC allows educators to have a voice in political issues affecting children and public education. UEA-PAC is directed and run by classroom teacher members from throughout the state. Chaired by the UEA President, the UEA-PAC Executive Council (login required) has bi-partisan representatives from each local UniServand the UEA Board of Directors.

What UEA-PAC Does

UEA-PAC provides education and information to UEA members about political matters, works with local associations to identify candidates with favorable positions on the UEA legislative priorities, recommends and provides financial and other assistance to political candidates for statewide and legislative offices, participates with the two major parties, and collects and utilizes data related to candidate screening and campaign assistance. Local associations and UniServ units have independent PACs that assist candidates in their local areas, including local school board candidates. UEA-PAC works in consultation with bi-partisan teacher teams in local areas around the state to make candidate recommendations for state and federal races. Many UEA members also volunteer to work for recommended candidates in their local areas.

How Can I Get Involved?

Making a financial contribution to UEA-PAC is your chance to join a select group of educators and supporters of public education who have recognized the importance of being actively involved politically and financially. UEA-PAC members understand that voting is not enough to elect officials who truly “measure up” for children and public education, but that it also takes both time and money. There are numerous options for making a financial contribution to UEA-PAC and, whether you contribute $20 or $500, each contribution helps to ensure a strong collective voice for public education.

Capitol Club

Capitol Club Bronze members contribute at least $99.00 per year to help elect public education-friendly candidates to office, with at least $72.00 of that amount designated to UEA-PAC. Capitol Club Silver members contribute at least $200.00 per year, with at least $140.00 of that amount designated to UEA-PAC. Capitol Club Gold members contribute at least $250.00 per year, with at least $175.00 of that amount designated to UEA-PAC.

As a Capitol Club member you set the finest example of the importance of taking an active role in the UEA’s political activities.

There are four easy ways to contribute:

    1. Cash
    2. Check
    3. PayPal
    4. EZ-Pay PAC (a monthly electronic funds transfer from your checking account).

Click the “Donate” link above or download a political action contribution form (PDF) now and mail to UEA Political Action Committee, P.O. Box 57880, Murray, Utah 84157.

Make an investment in your career, in public education and in the lives of Utah students. Join UEA-PAC today.

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