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Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee

EMAC champions justice by advising the UEA Board on the diverse perspectives, concerns, and issues of our BIPOC community, paving the way for a more inclusive and impactful future.
Eight young children of different races smile at the camera.

The Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC) works to eradicate discriminatory institutional practices within UEA and public education while promoting equitable outcomes for all school community members.

Committee Objectives

  • Increase BIPOC member representation in all levels of the UEA;
  • Outline and implement strategies to build leadership capacity for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) members;
  • Actively advocate for social and education strategies on equity, justice, and inclusion;
  • Collaborate with the UEA Board of Directors on programs that increase the recruitment, retention, reclamation, motivation, and engagement of BIPOC members;
  • Maintain, edit, and implement the UEA Minority Involvement Plan.

Committee Members

  • Denise Lake, Chair, Ethnic Minority Director on UEA Board of Directors
  • Moani Revoir, Alpine
  • Brittany Stull, Color Country
  • Caray Long, Davis
  • Marsha Curtis, Eastern
  • Kamron Reese, Granite
  • Gerlit Buffington, High Desert
  • Chelsea Chauca Villar, Jordan
  • Mandy Gordon, Northern
  • James Smith, Ogden-Weber
  • Gregory Mohammed, Wasatch
  • Jeremiah Tuerina, Woodland Peaks

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

With more than 18,000 members across the state, UEA supports equal opportunities for success for ALL Utah students, and respect and support for all educators.