Educator Resources

UEA Membership is an Investment in Your Future

Welcome to the teaching profession! You’ve chosen a wonderful career where you have the power to make a huge difference for every child you meet.

As an educator, you will spend your days with other people’s children and guide them through their public school years. We know that the first few years of your career are key to your decision to remain in the profession. Between the first day and the last day of your career as a public school educator, we’re here for you.

Belonging to our Association – and engaging in your local associations activities – will help you make your career a success. Membership in the UEA is an investment in your future, your career, and your profession. Your membership is rewarded by top quality, superb value, and excellent service.

Association membership gives you benefits in four main areas:


Leadership in our Profession

    • Workshops on professional issues: classroom management, standards and assessment, educator licensure, cultural diversity, and more
    • Professional resources—the NEA Professional Library and Praxis exam support
    • Online professional development—the NEA Academy
    • Publications on education and employee issues from the UEA and the NEA

Leadership in Advocacy and Collective Bargaining

    • Immediate, personal assistance from local leaders and UniServ Directors
    • Representation from the UEA’s full-time attorney experienced in labor law
    • $1 million professional liability insurance
    • Prompt assistance in solving problems in your workplace
    • Local negotiations for your salary, benefits, and working conditions
    • Training and research for your local’s negotiators

Leadership in Public Education

    • Representation in the decisions that will improve public education: reducing class sizes, increasing school funding, educator mentoring and support
    • Advocacy by your local association at the school board or governing board/agency
    • Campaigns to elect pro-public education lawmakers and school board members, and to pass local and state ballot issues that fund public education
    • Public relations campaigns to encourage public support for education
    • Local association activities to engage and involve you and other members in their schools

Leadership in Personal Economic Services

  • Investment, annuity, and financial programs
  • Consumer education through NEA Member Benefits Program
  • Member discounts on everyday purchases, travel services, and auto and homeowners insurance
  • Very few professions are as challenging or as critically important as teaching. Belong, all along the way. We’re here for you.

License Renewal

The latest and most up-to-date information on keeping your license current is available from the Utah State Office of Education.


Classroom Resources

Whether it’s professional learning to improve instructional effectiveness, stackable micro-credentials in an area of interest to you, connecting you to online courses for your career advancement, or leadership development programs like the Early Leadership Institute and Policy Ambassadors, UEA members have access to many exclusive resources. Log in to UEA’s members-only website to find programs to support you in your professional growth.

Online Courses


Utah Education Association (UEA) has partnered with Augustana University and Virtual Education Software (VESi) to offer members a yearly subscription to online PD courses for $225 per year. You can enroll in one course per term or two courses during the summer (if you skip fall or spring), for a total of 3 courses per year.

  • Choose from over 30 online courses for license renewal and salary advancement
  • Learn online at your own pace from the convenience of your home
  • Three semester academic credit courses (up to nine credits) per year for $225 — a savings of almost $500 per year.
  • (Note: If you are trying to access an existing UEA/SUU subscription, click here.)

Adopt a Classroom

The Adopt-A-Classroom program matches donors with teachers so you can easily raise funds for classroom supplies and materials.

To get started, register online and create an Adopt-A-Classroom account. Use simple outreach tools to tell your network about this new resource so they can help your students and classroom.

Once the word is out, parents, friends, family, contacts, local businesses and social network friends are able to make direct donations to your Adopt-A-Classroom account. Educators who strategically use the program typically raise $200-$1000 or more each school year to support classroom needs.

  • You will have the ability to use donated funds through the online vendor network to buy the supplies that fit your classroom needs
  • The Adopt-A-Classroom vendor network includes: School Specialty, OfficeMax, Scholastic, Kaplan, Encyclopedia Brittanica, West Music and the TeachAde Store among many others
  • 100% of all donations are passed through to your account
  • All donations are tax deductible
  • The Adopt-A-Classroom program is a proven resource to help support your classroom and instructional needs