The National Education Association (NEA) and the Utah Education Association (UEA) both provide opportunities to join the Association early through the Early Enrollment Campaign (EEC). EEC supports the growth and strength of our organization in encouraging potential members to join early before the membership year begins. NEA’s and UEA’s Early Enrollment Programs both run concurrently from April to the end of August. Both programs offer Association membership at no cost, for up to five months, to new members who pledge to enroll as active or aspiring educator members in the Association for the future membership year. 

NEA Early Enrollment & Educators Employment Liability (EEL)

UEA Early Enrollment Program

  • Available to individuals who are re-joining the Association as new active members enrollees who were pervious members who are re-enrolling.
  • UEA benefits include:
    • Representation by the UniServ director on matters pertaining to representation for grievances, or complaints by students or disciplinary action.

Both Programs

  • DO NOT date applications before April 1.
  • Early enrollees will be considered non-members, for purposes of recordkeeping, until the start of the regular membership year which begins September 1.
  • Early enrollees are eligible for representation by the UniServ Director for job-related incidents documented which have occurred between the date of enrollment and August 31.
  • Local representation in job-related matters is available when pertaining to grievances, complaints by students or disciplinary action.
  • Access to NEA Member Benefits, except for Life Insurance Program. Eligibility will be available starting September 1.
  • Access is available to the UEA members-only website, UEA publications, UEA-sponsored member benefits and related services which are otherwise available to Association members only. Except UEA legal services.
  • Access is available to UniServ and local publications, local member benefits and related services which are otherwise available to Association members only.
  • UEA’s participation in the Early Enrollment Programs is subject to UEA Board of Directors approval which usually occurs at the February meeting once direction from NEA-EEC is received.

Here is what you will need:

Additional resources to support the program:

  • Printable Flier (PDF) To help with promoting the campaign.
  • Early Enrollment Campaign Action Guide Resources with local leaders in mind, including worksite leaders and affiliate staff. The guide provides users with a model for launching their Early Enrollment campaign and resources to assist in engaging potential members.


Connect with your UniServ Director (UD) or UEA Office at 801-266-4461/800-594-8996.


 January  NEA announces participation in EEL
 February UEA Board of Directors reviews participation in EEL and EEP for upcoming membership year
March Membership application and resources developed by UEA staff

 April Campaign begins
 May Campaign in our classrooms
 June Campaign in our classrooms
 July Campaign in our classrooms

Campaign ends


 September  Report out of campaign