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Answer The Call to Caucus in Utah

We need more public educators in public office to advocate for our students and our profession.
Published: March 1, 2024

Key Takeaways

  1. Significant Influence of Delegates: In Utah's caucus/convention system, a small number of elected delegates play a crucial role in the nomination process for key political positions.
  2. Critical Role of Educators: By attending caucus meetings, becoming delegates, and voting in elections, educators can significantly impact the future of education in Utah.
  3. Accessibility of Participation: Whether registered as Republican or Democrat, follow the links below for specific party information.


Utah Republican Party           Utah Democratic Party

The Power of Participation

Utah's unique caucus/convention system plays a pivotal role in the electoral process, where a small but powerful group of elected delegates have a significant say in selecting party candidates. Surprisingly, over 80% of Utah's elections are decided by just .16% of eligible voters.

2024: A Year of Critical Decisions

This year, the stakes are particularly high. State delegates will vote for key positions such as the US Senate, House of Representatives, Governor, and Attorney General. The outcomes of these elections will have far-reaching implications, not least for public education.

The Utah Republican Party will also hold a 2024 Presidential Preference Poll during the caucus. This will replace the Presidential Primary and determine the allocation of Utah's National Delegates to the Republican National Convention. 

The Call to Action

For educators and public school advocates, the call to action is clear. Attending neighborhood caucus meetings, becoming delegates, and voting in local elections are tangible ways to advocate for change and ensure that the educational landscape in Utah reflects our pro-education values and priorities.

Demystifying the Caucus Experience

The idea of participating in a caucus can be daunting. However, the process is more accessible than it may seem. Pre-registration can streamline the check-in process, and the neighborhood-based meetings often feature familiar faces, making it easier to discuss preferred delegates and candidates. It also helps when you bring a friend - or two!

The Path Forward

As Caucus Night approaches, the UEA has made a collective effort to mobilize educators and advocates across the state. The goal is not just to attend but to actively engage in the delegate selection process, whether by running as a delegate, supporting education-friendly candidates, or simply making informed choices at the ballot box.

A United Front for Education

The time is now for educators to lead the charge, ensuring that the future of public education in Utah is guided by those who know it best. By coming together, sharing our experiences, and advocating for our profession and our students, we can make a difference.


Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

With more than 18,000 members across the state, UEA supports equal opportunities for success for ALL Utah students, and respect and support for all educators.