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Press Release

UEA Disappointed in Gov. Cox Budget 5% WPU Increase Proposal

The proposed five percent increase in the Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU) fails to meet the needs of Utah's students and public schools. UEA will continue advocating for the requested 12 percent.
Utah's capitol building on a cloudy evening with wet pavement reflecting the building's lights.
Published: December 5, 2023

We appreciate Governor Spencer Cox's recognition of UEA’s critical education initiatives in his FY2025 budget proposal, particularly funding paid student teaching and paid professional hours, which UEA brought to the governor for consideration. We also applaud the proposed $34 million in one-time and ongoing funding for rural public schools. We commend this positive step as it underscores the importance of investing in Utah’s students and educators.

However, the UEA cannot overlook the shortfall in the proposed five percent increase in the Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU), which falls significantly short of the 12 percent increase UEA requested. This budget proposal does not meet the minimum needs required to address the challenges faced by our students and schools.

While the state budget is complex, the disparity between the requested 12 percent increase and the proposed five percent is substantial. Utah’s public education requires adequate financial support to ensure that the diverse needs of our students and schools are met.

This is the first step in the budget process. We remain committed to advocating for additional funds to meet the critical needs of our education system. We urge our members to participate in the upcoming legislative session. We must collectively voice our concerns and work towards securing the necessary resources to provide a high-quality education for all Utah students.

We appreciate the ongoing collaboration with Governor Cox and state lawmakers in our pursuit of a well-funded and thriving public education system. Together, we can ensure that the needs of our students and educators are prioritized and our schools receive the support they require.

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