Ten Reasons Why Association
Membership Means More

Educators are busy preparing Utah’s children for the future. Most don’t have time to monitor the activities of the Legislature, Utah State Board of Education, local boards of education, and other agencies that set rules and regulations affecting public education. That’s where UEA comes in, utilizing the strengths of its 18,000 members to influence policy makers and keep tabs on good and bad legislation.

Ten Reasons Why Association Membership Means More


1. Local Action

Through your local association, you are part of the negotiations process with your school district. You have a say in decisions about your working conditions, your salaries and benefits, your class sizes, and the professional growth opportunities you have.

2. Information

The UEA is your best source of accurate, timely, education information, award-winning publications and special newsletters, e-mail listservs for news, grant opportunities, and legislative updates, as well as a website, with a section exclusively for members. In addition, UEA staff keeps on top of current education laws, regulations, and policies. The latest updates are merely a phone call or mouse click away.

3. Legal Assistance

The Association trains leaders at schools and work sites in ways to ensure employees are treated fairly. The UEA’s UniServ Directors throughout the state advise and help school professionals with legal concerns, In addition, UEA’s attorney is an expert in employment law and school law.

4. Liability Insurance

If you are sued over something that happens while you are on the job, the UEA’s liability insurance will provide you with an attorney and $1 million in coverage for any judgment against you.

5. Representation

Whether it’s the state board of education, a legislative committee, or an education coalition, whenever decisions about teachers and students are being made, the UEA is there representing educators.

6. Professional Development

The Association offers high-quality workshops, seminars, and training sessions on education topics like classroom management, quality teaching, social justice, Praxis preparation, and more. In addition, NEA’s Professional Library offers the latest in education publications, new teaching ideas, and practical handbooks, at exclusive member-only rates.

7. Lobbying

The Association is recognized as the single most effective voice for school employees and students at local school districts, at the Utah Legislature, and in Congress. Through voluntary donations to special political action funds—not dues money—UEA members help elect friends of education to office. Local associations committees recommend and help elect local school board members who support students and educators.

8. Networking

Through the Association you can connect with other teachers from across the state and nation who are dealing with the same joys and frustrations as you. Through Association social networking sites accessible through the members-only section of the NEA website, members can meet online to get news, share ideas, and get solutions to problems.

9. Public Relations

The Association shares the story of public education from the school professional’s view point with media across the state, through public school support campaigns, and through outreach to community and parent groups.

10. Discounts

Many members save through Association discounts on car and homeowners insurance, travel expenses, everyday purchases, a credit card, investment opportunities, and more. In many cases, a single use of an Association Member Benefit program will save more than your dues.