Who won UEA’s 2023 General Election?

Utah Education Association is proud to announce the 2023 General Election election results.

Denise Lake

Denise Lake elected as NEA State Director

Denise Lake has been elected as the NEA State Director and Kallie May was elected as the Ethnic Minority Director. Mike Harman has been selected as the NEA-RA Delegate At Large, and Britt Stull (Color Country), Caren Burns (Granite), Kathy Smith (Jordan), and Jeremy Reynoso (Wasatch) have been elected to the UEA Board of Directors.

In addition to these results, we would like to share that five proposed UEA Constitution Amendments were voted on. UEA is an association that values democracy and member participation, and we take pride in our leadership election process.

The UEA follows a strict election schedule outlined in the UEA Bylaws, and we hold leadership elections annually. The statewide elected leaders are the UEA President and Vice President, the UEA Board of Directors, and the NEA Directors for Utah.

Local leaders are elected by their peers in each local association. UEA believes members’ voices should be heard at all levels of the organization and strives to provide a fair and democratic process for all.

UEA thanks the members who participated in the leadership elections and encourages all members to get involved in our democratic processes. Member input and engagement are critical to the success of the association.