Utah Retirement System Board and Membership Council Representation

Utah Retirement Systems Board

In accordance with Title 49, The Utah Retirement Systems Board is composed of seven members appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate. The term of the URS Board seat currently held by UEA and Cache Education Association member and former UEA Vice President Roger Donohoe expires on June 30, 2024.


Utah Retirement Systems Membership Council

The UEA has appointed three members representing educators to the Utah Retirement Systems Membership Council. According to Board Policy, one seat is filled by a member of the UEA Board of Directors, one seat by a member of the Council of Local Presidents, and the third seat by the membership at large.

  • UEA Board position: Rod Hurd Appointed July 2022. Term expires 6-30-2026
  • CLP position: Tina McMullin appointed September 2021. Term expires 6-30-2025
  • At large position: VACANT


The window is OPEN to apply for consideration as a UEA At-Large Representative on the URS Membership Council.

There is a recent opening for a UEA appointment on the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) Membership Council for the position filled by a UEA member who is actively engaged in the profession, in accordance with statutory requirements. The remainder of the existing term runs through June 30, 2024 and there is potential for reappointment at that time.

The Council is advisory to the URS Board and meets the first Monday each month during lunch time.  Typically, the April meeting is a spring workshop and is scheduled according to the Council’s availability. It is almost a full day of presentations and training, followed by the normal business meeting. There is no meeting in May and June is usually canceled unless there is a need regarding legislation.

In determining the best representative, the UEA Board of Directors will consider diverse* representation in gender, ethnicity and location, as well as availability (time out of class, sub costs etc.). If you would like to be considered for an appointment to the Membership Council of the Utah Retirement Systems as one of UEA’s representatives, please fill out the online application and also send a resume and up to three letters of reference to heather@myUEA.org.

Nomination Application

For questions, please contact Governance Support and Administrative Director Heather Shepherd at 801-417-0226 or heather@myUEA.org

*Black and African American, Latin(o/a/x), Hispanic, Chican(o/a/x), Asian American, Middle Eastern and North African, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander individuals; as well as LGBTQIA+ people, veterans, people living with disabilities, and other individuals with lived experience being part of marginalized communities are encouraged to apply.