Rodney Hurd
High Desert UniServ

Rodney Hurd

High Desert UniServ

Rod Hurd was elected to a three year term on the UEA Board of Directors to represent High Desert UniServ beginning in July 2018. He was reelected for a second, three-year term beginning July 2021

High Desert UniServ covers 10 locals consisting of Emery, Grand, Juab, Millard, No. Sanpete, San Juan, Sevier, So. Sanpete, Tintic, and Wayne Counties. The UniServ is a rural, huge area, not heavily populated, and is the largest georgraphical unit in the state.


  • Currently teaching at North Sevier High School in Sevier School District: World Geography, World Civilization, US History, and American Government
  • Concurrent Enrollment History 2700, History 2710, Poli Sci 1100, CTE Economics and Business Law
  • 10 years at Cedar Ridge Alternative High School
  • 12 years at North Sevier High School
  • Association Experience:
    • Member of the High Desert UniServ Board
    • Building Representative for eight years
    • Vice President of SEA (twice) four years
    • President of SEA three years


What I learned about UEA that surprised me:

It was not until I became the vice president and attended my first [Council of Local Presidents] that I realized how extensive UEA was and how many people were involved. Until that time, I had no idea of what the organization entailed.

What I value most about the Association:

I value the people I have met as the most important part of the Association. As a teacher, I often felt alone in my classroom battling for what I thought was best for the students. When I got involved in the leadership and started meeting others that were passionate about teaching, I found I was not alone.

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

Members need to be invited to [Educator] Day on the Hill, brought to the meetings, given a chance to see that the UEA is more than just somebody else in their building that they can complain to about bad pay.