Michael Harman
NEA State Director

Michael Harman

NEA State Director

Mike was appointed by the UEA Board of Directors to serve as the NEA State Director, to fill an unexpired term beginning July 15, 2016. He was elected by the membership in February, 2017 to serve a three-year term beginning July 15, 2017. He was reelected in 2020 for a second, three-year term beginning July 2020. He is a voting member of the UEA Board of Directors and serves on the Budget and Audit Committee.


  • Currently a counselor in Salt Lake City School District on special assignment as the Homeless Education liaison.
  • Has been an educator over 20 years . Worked as an elementary counselor for eight years at Emerson Elementary, prior to current position.
  • Association leadership experience:
    • Served as an association representative as well as the Counselor AR.
    • Served 12 years on the Salt Lake Education Association Executive Board.
    • Served for three years on the UEA Board of Directors representing Wasatch UniServ.
    • Served for three years as vice president of the Salt Lake Education Association.
    • Currently serving as the executive board liaison for the Salt Lake Teachers Association Political Action Committee.


What I learned about UEA that surprised me:

“I am continually amazed at the dedication of our elected Association leaders, as well as members of the UEA staff. They all work tirelessly on behalf of educators each and every day.”

What I value most about the Association:

“I value and appreciate the diversity of our membership. Although each of us is on a different point on the political spectrum, it is through dialogue that we can come to agreement on ways to improve the educational system for both educators and for students.”

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

“I believe that being engaged at the school level is so important. Attend the Association meetings in your building, volunteer to help with a specific project, and learn about the numerous ways that OUR Association is working for educators and children across the country.”

Professional Development Reports:

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