Kallyn Gren
Davis UniServ

Kallyn Gren

Davis UniServ

Kallyn was elected to a three-year term to represent Davis UniServ on the UEA Board of Directors beginning July 15, 2019.


District and Teaching Assignment

  • Second grade teacher at Clinton Elementary
  • Davis School District
  • 4 full years of teaching experience – split between second, fifth and sixth grade

Description of UniServ Unit

Davis has worked really hard on revitalizing our local! We have such a diverse area (covering from rural to urban) that we have a lot of different opinions weighing in on all decisions. We are currently working on our contract opportunities with members, professional development and social justice.

Association Leadership Experience:

  • Davis Education Association Board for two years
  • Organizing Membership Committee (OMC) for two years
  • Davis Political Action Committee (PAC) for two years
  • Delegate – House of Delegates (three times)
  • Representative Assembly (RA) delegate in 2018


What I learned about UEA that surprised me:

The most surprising thing to me about UEA is that, while a leadership hierarchy does exist, you don’t have to start at the bottom. If you want to talk to a President or Executive Director, you can head straight to the top and they would be happy to hear from a member and have a chat!

What I value most about the Association:

What I value about the Association is the open communication and advocacy. I know there is not one person within UEA who would not openly talk to any member at any time. With the ease of communication, we end up with wonderful staff who fight to elevate our professional on all levels.

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

The easiest way to get more active is to start small – attend one event or meeting. When you feel at ease with your current level of activity, step it up and add one more until you get to where you want to be.