Christy Giblon
Woodland Peaks UniServ

Christy Giblon

Woodland Peaks UniServ

Christy was elected to a three-year term beginning July 2019, to represent the Woodland Peaks UniServ on the UEA Board of Directors.

Woodland Peaks UniServ covers three locals consisting of Carbon, Nebo and Provo School Districts.


Band Director, Dixon Middle School
Provo School District
19 years teaching experience

Association Leadership Experience

  • President – Provo Education Association
  • Secondary Vice President – Provo Education Association
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Provo Education Association
  • Dixon Middle School Building Rep
  • UniServ President – Woodland Peaks
  • UniServ Vice President – Woodland Peaks
  • UEA Bargaining, Professional Rights and Responsibilities (BPR&R) Committee
  • UEA Elections Committee



What I learned about the UEA that surprised me:

I was surprised at how much work the UEA puts in year-round to advocate for teachers and students with the State Legislature and the State School Board.  Their work does not stop at the end of the Legislative session.

What I value most about the Association:

I value the opportunity to contribute to the constant efforts to better our profession.  I appreciate the work that is done on behalf of students to assure they all have access to high quality education.

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

Members can be more active by volunteering to help with small things in their buildings or on their local boards.  You don’t have to be in an elected position to help. Also, members can help by being actively engaged in political action and social justice work.  They can all help our elected state representatives understand what our schools, teachers, and students need to succeed.