UEA Response To Legislature’s Passing of H.B. 215

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, the Utah Senate voted in favor of H.B. 215, which gives $42 million of public money to private schools. It awaits Governor Spencer Cox’s signature. After which, it is expected to become law.

The Utah Education Association is devastated by the Utah legislature’s decision to pass H.B. 215.

Despite an outpouring of emails, calls and text messages from educators and the public, lawmakers fast-tracked a voucher bill in less than two weeks. It is clear that this was a well-coordinated effort that began before the session started. Governor Cox plans to sign off on the legislation. Also, lawmakers received a supermajority of votes in the House of Representatives and Senate. This prohibits UEA from gathering signatures for a ballot referendum. Nevertheless, UEA is exploring every option available to overturn this damaging legislation that jeopardizes the future of public education.

As Utah’s largest professional educator association, our strength is our members. Together, we are powerful. United, we are strongest. With six weeks left in the legislative session, there are still many opportunities to pass critical legislation. Increased education funding is our top priority. There is much still to do, and we need your help.

We will not give up. Please continue to engage in the legislative process.

A full list of bills tracked by UEA can be found here.