UEA/Access Online Discount Program

As a UEA member, you participate in one of the world’s largest discount programs. Our partners at Access Development provide discounts at more than 200,000 participating merchants throughout the country. By using the UEA/Access online discount program you can save the cost of your dues—and more!

If you already have a UEA membership number, sign up now to take advantage of Access discounts.

Look at these Access features–

MyDeals Mobile
The UEA/Access My Deals Mobile application for iPhone and Android delivers all the great deals and discounts available only to UEA members on your phone! For more information, click here.

Product Search
Enter your product description to compare prices among thousands of online providers. You’ll discover members-only deals, plus many more offers—all in one convenient location.

Through UEA/Access you can go online to get free coupons. They’re there at the click of a mouse for items you buy every day.

Cash Rewards
You can earn up to 20 percent cash back from world-famous brands by purchasing online with your registered card! Earning rewards is simple. Just browse the shopping categories online, click on the logo of your desired merchant and follow the directions. Remember that you must shop through the UEA/Access website in order for your rewards to be properly credited. Purchases made otherwise are not eligible for cash back rewards.

Categories for Savings

There’s nothing like it! You’ll find unbelievable discounts.

Members enjoy savings of up to 50 percent at various retailers of the latest apparel, electronics, gifts and more.

Members enjoy savings of up to 50 percent at thousands of dining establishments, whether you’re looking for a fine restaurant, a fast food joint, a dessert parlor, or a catering business.

Members enjoy savings of up to 50 percent from retailers offering professional services such as dry cleaning, business services, photography, and much more!

Travel Services

Going somewhere? With Hotel and Travel Services it’s easy to save no matter where you’re headed. Here you’ll find local travel offers and nationwide discounts at popular chains. You can even book your discounted vacation online! After all, what fun is traveling if you can’t save some money along the way?

Members enjoy savings of up to 50 percent at a wide variety of activities, including family amusement, bowling facilities, laser tag, white-water river rafting, museums, arcades, sporting events, cultural events, high adventure trips, and much more!