Trudy Henderson honored with Service to Association Award

The 2020 Elaine Tzourtzouklis Service to Association Award was presented to Trudy Henderson for her service in member advocacy, political action, leadership and coalition building. The award was presented at the UEA/KeyBank Superstars in Education Banquet in October 2021. Former Grand Education Association member, former UEA Board Member and 2019 Elaine Tzourtzouklis Service to Association Award winner Ryan Anderson presented the award and made the following comments:

“Trudy Henderson is the epitome of life-long compassionate, loving, selfless service to others. In her decades of service to others, Trudy exemplifies the heart and soul embodiment of giving selflessly…lovingly.

“Regardless of whether she is working with her students, parents, community members, elected officials, business leaders, association members, or family members, Trudy maintains her caring, truly empathetic approach. She is always there when help is needed whether it is work, or food, or donations, or celebrations, or remembrances, or sharing her hotel room with another who can’t afford one; Trudy’s focus is helping others.

“She is our UEA-Retired President, represents UEA with the SITLA Board, led the Children-at-Risk Foundation for years, and has been our UEA “Floor Manager” for more years than anyone but her can remember. At the Educator Day on the Hill, Trudy has a stack of about three dozen “Thank You” cards that she personalizes annually for “education friendly” legislators. She does it all voluntarily…dedicating countless hours and dollars selflessly for others.

“At meetings, Trudy is often the first person there to help set-up and often one of the last to leave after cleaning up. Her meticulous planning and reading presentation for Read Across America – Dr. Seuss Day on capitol hill held the kids spellbound. She has built a strong UEA-Retired board representing almost every UniServ and has dedicated herself to increasing our membership by going out to state-wide district meetings and encouraging members to join. She has been successful to the point that retired could be considered its own UniServ! Trudy provides “themed” meals at each of the monthly UEA-Retired board meetings and brings more than enough to share with others.

“Trudy Henderson has given and given and given to us all…a Seraph Angel Standard of caring, compassionate life-long service to others and I can think of no one more deserving of this prestigious award.

“It’s my honor to present a 2021 UEA Elaine Tzourtzouklis Service to Association Award to Trudy Henderson.”

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