Sign the petition to oppose teacher curriculum review

Thank you to those who signed the petition to defeat House Bill 234, a bill that would have required Utah public school educators to publicly post curriculum materials for each day of instruction. The petition is now closed.

The Good News: WE WON! The bill’s sponsor today announced he is no longer pursuing the legislation this session.

However: The fight is not over. In a prepared statement, Rep. Jordan Teuscher said:

“I strongly believe that this is a topic worth taking time to get right. As such, I have spoken with House leadership and the chair of the Rules Committee and have asked them to hold on the bill so we can take the time that is needed to more fully flesh it out. I will recommend that bill be added to the list of topics to be studied by the Education Interim Committee.”

In Addition: There are still many issues to be considered and decided in the remaining days of the 2022 Legislative Session, both good and bad:

Among the Good: The Legislature is seriously considering the Utah Education Association’s ask for $60 million to fund “educator-directed flexible preparation and collaboration time for all licensed educators.” This would provide pay for time educators are already spending in serving the needs of students.

Among the Bad: Pending proposals to enact school voucher schemes, diverting public education funding to private interests.

What You Can Do: Here are some ways you can follow the legislature and make a difference for Utah’s public school educators and students:

Thank you! Your support of educators, students and Utah public education is critical and deeply appreciated!