Several Bills Advance From Senate Education Committee on Feb. 15

On Wednesday, February 15, the Senate Education Committee passed out the following bills with minimal discussion or comment.


SB 77 1st Sub. (Education Scholarship Amendments) sponsored by Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-West Jordan) amends a scholarship granting organization’s time period for submitting an audit report to the State Board of Education, requires the state auditor to perform regular audits of certain scholarships and prohibits private schools from charging a scholarship student more in fees than other students based solely upon the scholarship student being a scholarship recipient.

SB 222 (Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program Amendments) sponsored by Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-West Jordan).  This bill clarifies that eligibility is calculated for all students in the same course.


HB 124 (Salary Supplement for Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists) sponsored by Rep. Dan Johnson (R-Logan).  This bill extends the Teacher Salary Supplement to Speech-language pathologists.


HB 154 3rd Sub. (English Language Learner Amendments) sponsored by Rep. Dan Johnson (R-Logan).  This bill requires the State Board of Education to allocate funding to local education agencies for instructional materials and licenses used for English language learner instruction and support.


HB 163 (Protecting Student Religious and Moral Beliefs Regarding Athletic Uniform Requirements) sponsored by Rep. Candice Pierucci (R-Herriman).  This bill provides that certain associations and educational organizations may not prohibit a student-athlete from wearing religious clothing, or other clothing consistent with the student-athlete’s beliefs while participating in an athletic activity.
Also, it requires specific associations and educational organizations to provide the clothing described if the association or educational organization requires that the clothing be a particular material, style, or color.


SB 227 (School Board Ethics Complaint Investigation Requirements) sponsored by Sen. Curtis Bramble (R-Provo) generated much discussion but passed out, 5-1.  This bill clarifies the process for an ethics complaint regarding a local school board member.  It also prohibits a school district from establishing a local political subdivision ethics commission and requires that an ethics complaint against a local school board member be reviewed by the Political Subdivisions Ethics Review Commission.