Pres. Pinkney Speaks At Rally Opposing HB215

“As an educator for more than 27 years, I believe in the mission of our public schools, and the value of helping our students achieve success in their education. I understand the incredible dedication and professionalism of Utah’s educators.

UEA has a long-standing position, that any voucher, tuition tax credit, or tax scholarship plan under which private education is subsidized with public tax dollars for affluent families along the Wasatch Front, at the expense of rural families with no access to private schools, will seriously undermine public education and student success.

UEA opposes House Bill 215 and asks our Utah Senators to vote, “No.”

James Madison is credited with saying, “Use of the Senate is to consist in its proceeding with more coolness, with more system, and with more wisdom, than the popular branch” of the Congress. So, too, should our Utah Senate.

Senators, demonstrate your wisdom and integrity in the deliberative process. Deliberate. Be thoughtful. Debate with fidelity.

If legislators really value the important work educators do every day, a salary increase should not come with strings attached just to pass a private school voucher bill. Lawmakers should focus on providing solutions to our public schools’ most urgent needs, like large class sizes, increased student behavior issues and severe staffing shortages. A voucher bill does nothing to support educators and public schools.

Educators, like you, I am seeing red for the harm that vouchers will inflict on public education. Tomorrow, when you walk into the school you will be able to hold your heads high because we did not compromise our values for our own self-interest. We are standing strong to fulfill the promise of public education and our democracy.”

Renée Pinkney

Social Studies Teacher

Utah Education Association President