2023 New Aspiring Educators Chair, Jonathan Frey Jr.

My name is Jonathan Frey. I am currently a senior at Southern Utah University, studying Business Education and Accounting. I wholeheartedly believe that CTE courses and pathways are some of the most important classes we can offer to students that will have the greatest impact on their future career choices. As I pursue my own career path in the CTE worl d, I will be driven by this belief because I have seen how CTE will benefit so many children who need as many doors opened to them as possible. In my free time, I am an advocate for our public lands. I am an avid climber and runner, and coach the competitive climbing team at Dixie State University.

I am excited for the opportunity to work within the Aspiring Educators program and hope to play a role in building and strengthening this program in the years to come. I will be serving as Chair of the Aspiring Educators program for the next school year and hope you too will consider getting involved.