More than 50 educators attend first 2020 Educator Day on the Hill – January 31, 2020

More than 50 educators attend first 2020 Educator Day on the Hill – January 31, 2020

Educator Day on the Hill (reported by Jay Blain): More than 50 educators, representing schools in Carbon, Granite Park City, Ogden, Logan, Grand, Weber, Jordan, Washington, Iron and Duchesne School Districts – along with several UEA-Retired members and representatives from the Utah School Employees Association – joined the UEA Legislative Team on Utah’s Capitol Hill for the year’s first UEA Educator Day on the Hill. Starting at 7 a.m., the group first reviewed bills, the education budget and other current education issues.

Several legislators stopped by to visit with the teachers and provide insight, including long-time UEA members Sen. Kathleen Riebe and Rep. Lawanna ShurtliffReps. Karen Kwan and Elizabeth Weight paid a visit to the group as did State Auditor

John Dougal and Governor’s Education Deputy Tami Pyfer.

During lunch, participants reported on conversations they had with their legislators. Many shared stories of being invited to sit with their legislators in the House and the Senate.

House and Senate Floor (reported by Mike Kelley): The teachers who earned or renewed National Board Certification (NBCT) also participated in activities on the Hill. There were 18 who earned new certification and 19 who renewed. These

educators were recognized in the House and Senate.

Senate Education Committee (reported by Jay Blain): SB21: Education Amendments, sponsored by Sen. Kathleen Riebe, removes language requiring qualified teachers to submit an annual application for the through the Teacher Salary Supplement

Program provide their situation doesn’t change. It also removes a requirement in the Educational Improvement Opportunities Outside of the Regular School Day Grant Program that matching funds be private. In addition, the bill amends a definition regarding a waiver of immunity related to sexual battery and sexual assault against a student under certain conditions. It passed the committee unanimously. The UEA supports this bill.

HB16: School Meals Program Amendments amends provisions to broaden the use of school lunch revenues to school meals, allowing for breakfast and possibly after-school programs. It also imposes certain reporting requirements on local education agency governing boards regarding school breakfast. The State Board of Education requested this bill and supports it, as does the UEA. It passed the committee on a vote of 3-1.