UEA Message

This video explains the concept of
message discipline and outlines
points of the UEA message.

As a teacher, you are an education leader. When you speak about issues related to our schools, our students, and the state of education, people listen. From casual conversations with friends, family and neighbors…to formal interviews with the media…to speaking with policymakers on your local school board or at the state capitol…you are the most respect voice on education in Utah.

And when thousands of educators across the state speak with one unified voice and express the same values, priorities, and ideas, we have the power to make change. To make a difference!

Following are research-based messages Utah teachers can use to talk about public education issues. You certainly don’t need to hit every message, but share the portion that best fits what you are trying to convey. Always remember at the core of our message is our students…student success is at the heart of everything we do!

As you share your story, be sure to personalize for your audience and make it local…specific to your community, your neighborhood, your school, your classroom. Sharing our values and ideas with friends, family, and neighbors; with parents, community leaders, and elected officials; and with the broader public at large is an important part of our efforts to build and maintain support for education in Utah.

You are the most respected voice in education in Utah…a Utah teacher!



We all must take responsibility for student success 

Educational Excellence:

Good education inspires students’ natural curiosity, creativity and desire to learn 

Resources and Equity:

All students deserve the tools and time to learn 

Student success depends on the efforts of many:

  • Teachers must be directly engaged in improvement efforts and held accountable to clearly defined standards based on research.
  • Parents must ensure that children come to school ready to learn by teaching them values like responsibility and respect for others, and by instilling a love of learning.
  • Students must be motivated to work hard to achieve their full potential.
  • Schools must be accountable to taxpayers.
  • Communities and businesses must engage and support their neighborhood schools.
  • State legislators must provide school boards with appropriate tools and resources.
  • School boards, policymakers and administrators must partner with classroom teachers to promote student success.
  • Students must learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills…skills developed through a well-rounded education with many choices, including music, history, arts and PE.
  • School improvements should be grounded in research, not experiments that waste scarce taxpayer dollars.
  • No bubble test can measure a child’s curiosity. We must avoid over-focus on standardized tests that take up valuable time for learning.
  • We support approaches that ensure anyone who becomes a teacher enters the classroom ready to reach, teach and inspire.
  • A child’s chances for success should not depend in winning a charter lottery, affording private school or living in the right ZIP code.
  • All students deserve learning opportunities in safe schools, classes small enough for one-on-one attention and up-to-date materials/tools.
  • We must ensure that every educator has the resources, mentoring and support they need.
  • Utah must create a long-term plan to adequately fund quality public schools and ensure a quality neighborhood public school and teacher for every child.
  • We must address societal issues that impact student success in school.