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Assessment Literacy

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Assessment Literacy curriculum available to UEA members

The UEA has created an Assessment Literacy curriculum to support UEA members in better understanding assessment and implementing evaluation requirements, including student learning objectives. The curriculum was designed by educators for educators to help members increase teaching effectiveness and improve student outcomes. The UEA assessment curriculum includes five interactive workshops:

  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Assessment Design
  • Differentiated Assessment
  • Self-Assessment: Rubrics, Goal Setting and Reflection
  • Effective Student Feedback

The workshops are designed to be flexible for busy educators. You can take a single workshop or attend all five. And, while each workshop is about 30 minutes, all include numerous interactive discussion questions and activities so the length of a workshop is limited only by how much time trainers and participants choose to spend on discussions and activities. Each module also contains resources to extend learning after the workshop. Finally, the workshops provide an opportunity for educators to work together to increase understanding of assessment, learn from colleagues and engage in conversations about best practices.

Assessment workshops are offered locally by trained facilitators. For information about attending an assessment workshop in your area, please contact your local UniServ office for training dates and times.

College credit for Assessment Literacy is now available!

Assessment Literacy for the Classroom is a one-credit course for UEA members provided through Weber State University...more