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Most UEA members understand their association membership gives them a voice in bargaining for salaries, benefits and working conditions within their school district. What they may not understand is how bargaining negotiations work. Even those participating on bargaining teams may not know all the ins and outs of district negotiations. The UEA conducts statewide and regional bargaining training to assist.

2019 Statewide Bargaining Summit

More than 100 educators representing school districts across the state volunteered their time Saturday, Nov. 16, to discuss ways they can better advocate for teachers and students as part of the 2019 UEA Bargaining Summit. The event was held at the Jordan School District Auxiliary Services Building in West Jordan.

“The Summit is an opportunity for teacher leaders from across the state to share best practices for working effectively with district administrators and school boards,” said UEA Director of Policy and Research Jay Blain. This marked the eighth year UEA has held a Bargaining Summit.

The Summit began with a presentation on the need for educators to be recognized as professionals who deserve to be included in decisions affecting their students and schools. UEA President Heidi Matthews and Director of Education Excellence Sara Jones discussed how ESSA provides opportunities to insert and amplify educator voice regarding curriculum, learning conditions and professional development beyond negotiations, including the tax restructure conversation.

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