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UEA Elections

Did you know national, state and local association leaders are association members elected by peers? UEA leadership elections are held annually, as outlined in the UEA Bylaws. Statewide elected leaders include the UEA President and Vice President, the UEA Board of Directors and NEA Directors for Utah. Local leaders are also elected by their peers in each local association. Get involved by applying to run or by voting.

Click here for a description of the duties of each office.

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2020 UEA Elections

Twelve state UEA leadership offices are subject to election in 2020, including NEA State Director and five state Board positions. The deadline for filing Declaration of Candidacy is 5 p.m., January 8 (view open offices and filing instructions). Anyone who has been an active UEA member for at least three years is eligible to file.

The window is now open to declare candidacy for the 2020 UEA Elections

Candidacy must be declared by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

Click here for a list of open offices and instructions on how to declare candidacy.