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UEA Human and Civil Rights Program

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The Utah Education Association’s Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Program developed out of its Minority Affairs Committee in 1995. The stated purpose of the UEA HCR Program is to:

  1. Promote a more inclusive human and civil rights program for our members;
  2. Assure that ethnic minorities are represented in all facets of the organization; and
  3. Increase the awareness of the diversity in all its aspects in our schools and among our members.

UEA Board Statement on Racial Justice
Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC)
- Equity, Justice and Inclusion Taskforce

Minority Involvement Plan

The UEA is committed to the active involvement of ethnic minority members at all levels of the organization. To that end, the UEA asks each local affiliate to sign a Minority Involvement Pledge to further the goals of the UEA’s Minority Involvement Plan (MIP).

NEA Human and Civil Rights Resources

NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

Every year, NEA directs a Human and Civil Rights Awards program to honor individuals and affiliates who stand up and defend human and civil rights.

Call for Award Nominations

Please help us identify exemplary individuals, organizations, and affiliates to recognize through the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards. The official Nomination Forms with guidelines for all awards and the Criteria Eligibility Forms for each of the fifteen award categories are available online.