Media keeping the UEA president busy – February 3

No bills tracked by the UEA were in committees today. UEA President Heidi Matthews remained busy in the media addressing new and proposed bills targeting educators and public schools.

Senate Floor (reported by Mike Kelley): Three UEA-supported bills passed the Senate unanimously and now go to Governor for signature:


LegTeam Insights – In the News

Your UEA Legislative Team is on the Hill every day, working behind the scenes to represent educators…and sometimes not behind the scenes. UEA President Heidi Matthews continues representing teachers in the media. Over the past 48 hours she has been in demand, talking about the two big issues: Senate Bill 157 and vouchers. Here’s just a sampling:


Policy Ambassador Messages

In 2022, 15 educators were selected as UEA Policy Ambassadors. These teachers received training from the UEA Legislative Team and agree to engage with legislators and share their experiences with UEA members. Here is an excerpt from a new submission:

Let Your Voice be Heard!

Submitted by UEA Policy Ambassador Anthony Dick, math teacher at Roy High School in Weber School District

…My voice alone years ago was a lonely plea for help, but it was listened to. As I sat in a group of a couple dozen educators and representatives, my voice was validated and discussed. On Friday, my voice, along with thousands of others, was heard and given a prompt action as a response.

Learn what is happening on UEA Under the Dome and raise your voice! Share with your legislators what only YOU can – tell what is happening in your life, your classroom, and your school, and the impact of their decisions. Join with educators around you to add volume and strength to YOUR voice as you share YOUR story! Let your voice be heard!