May 2016 Message

May 2016 Message
by Margrett Hal

On May 19th, the UEA-Retired Board met. We discussed various items about the importance of the up and coming elections: national, state, and school board. How we can encourage everyone to get involved.

One of the things we discussed was the annual fall UEA Convention and what our retired and soon to be retired educators would enjoy learning more about. In the past, we have discussed Social Security retirement information and the bogus arguments about entitlements. Health care programs after retirement, supplemental insurance, and Medicare part D. Furthermore, we presented information on certain programs and people who try to scam retirees. How to protect you from them. We still wish to keep all us ahead of anything new or added to Social Security, Retirement programs, and benefits etc. Plus, protect us from all scams.

One of the ideas presented to us was to get more retired teachers to join us next January, February, and March as Educators on the Hill. Who would be better to discuss the needs of students, teachers, and education but retired educators? You have been there, you understand, and can present those needs to the politicians on the hill honestly and completely. Education definitely needs YOU and your talent to persuade.

The most important source for what you want to learn about is YOU! So we invite you to respond as to what you need or want to learn at the 2016 UEA Convention in October. Please contact the UEA-Retired Board by email or written correspondence to Bruce Ingleby at the UEA offices.

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