Recruitment FAQ

The following information applies to the 2021 Recruit Today! Belong Now Spring & Fall Campaigns

How will you know that I have recruited a member?
The UEA will get your name from the “Referred By” box on the bottom of the membership form you send to your UniServ office. That’s why it is extremely important that you sign the membership form legibly so we are able to read your name. As a backup, print your name below the box. We want to make sure you receive $50 for recruiting a member.

I am not an Association Representative or a local Association leader. Am I still eligible for the $50 if I recruit a member?
Yes. The Recruit Today! Belong Now campaign is open to any and all current UEA members.

Can I recruit myself?
No. You must be a current UEA member to recruit a new member and participate in this incentive. After you join, you can recruit others.

Do I receive $50 for recruiting an Early Enrollee?
Yes, in the Spring Campaign, Early Enrollment Applications qualify! Fall Campaign applies to New Educator 2022 Applications only.

Do I receive $50 for recruiting a new Retired or Aspiring member? 

Is there a limit to the number of new members I can invite?
No. There are no limits to the number of new members you can invite. If fact, the top recruiters win an extra prize.

When will I receive my KeyBank CASH CARD for recruiting members?
The Recruit Today! Belong Now Spring Campaign ends August 10, with Cash Cards being mailed out after that date. The Recruit Today! Belong Now Fall Campaign ends October 31, with Cash Cards being mailed out after that date. The UEA will mail Cash Cards to the recruiter’s home address we have on file. If you have moved recently, please check with your UniServ to make sure we have your correct address on file. The UniServ phone numbers are listed below.

Where do I find a UEA membership form?
You can print or download the UEA Membership Form or get one from your building Association Representative, local president or UniServ office. Please make sure you use the correct form!

What are the dues amounts for my local?
Please contact your UniServ office for specific dues amounts.
•Alpine – 801-224-2055
•Color Country UniServ – 888-461-9930 (Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, Piute, Washington)
•Davis – 801-451-2277
•Eastern Utah UniServ – 801-266-4461 ext. 127 (Daggett, Duchesne, Morgan, North Summit, Park City, South Summit, Uintah, USDB, Wasatch)
•Granite – 801-266-4411
•High Desert UniServ – 888-461-9930 (Emery, Grand, Juab, Millard, North Sanpete, San Juan, Sevier, South Sanpete, Tintic, Wayne)
•Jordan UniServ – 801-262-2449 (Canyons, Jordan)
•Northern Utah UniServ – 435-753-3875 (Box Elder, Cache, Logan, Rich)
•Ogden/Weber UniServ – 801-399-3746 (Ogden, Weber)
•Wasatch UniServ – 801-262-6627 (Murray, Salt Lake, Tooele)
•Woodland Peaks UniServ – 801-885-3557 (Carbon, Nebo, Provo)

How can I help my local win a cash prize?
Cash prizes for the Fall Campaign will be awarded to the local in each division (listed below) with:
•The largest percentage membership increase. Prizes: Division 1-$75, Division 2-$150, Division 3-$225, Division 4-$300.
•The highest percentage of recruiters (# of recruiters/# of new members)  Prizes: Division 1-$50, Division 2-$100, Division 3-$150, Division 4-$200.
1.Recruit new members between July 18 and October 31.
2.Complete a membership form for each new member recruited. Membership forms can be found above or from your local UniServ office. (Contact your UniServ for specific dues information.)
3.Sign your name (one name only), legibly, in the “Referred By” box on membership form and print your name below the box so we know who is eligible for the $50. (You don’t need to be an association leader to participate; all UEA members are eligible for the incentive.)
4.Send in completed membership forms to your UniServ office as soon as you get them.
5.Collect $50 for each new member you invite! Cash cards will be mailed before November 30, and can be activated by entering the last 4 digits of your MEMBER number.

Local Associations by Division

Division 1 – Daggett, Garfield, Grand, Kane, Morgan, North Summit, Piute, Rich, South Summit, Tintic, Wayne 
Division 2 – Beaver, Duchesne, Emery, Juab, Logan,  Millard, North Sanpete, San Juan, Sevier, South Sanpete,  USDB 
Division 3 – Box Elder, Cache, Carbon,  Iron, Murray, Ogden, Park City, Provo, Tooele, Uintah, Wasatch, Washington  
Division 4 – Alpine, Canyons, Davis, Granite, Jordan, Nebo, Salt Lake, Weber

When will the winners be announced?
The names of the top recruiters and the winning locals will be announced on or before November 30. The winners will be notified and then announced on the Recruit Today! Belong Now website.

I am not an elected officer of my local but work as staff for that local. Can I participate in this promotion?
No. The staff of the UEA and its affiliates are not eligible for the Recruit Today! Belong Now Stipend.

If I have additional questions regarding this promotion, who do I contact?
You can call the UEA Office at 801-266-4461 or 800-594-8996.