Local Presidents

The Council of Local Presidents consists of elected presidents and presidents-elect/vice presidents of each local education association and the president of each UniServ unit.

Role of the Council of Local Presidents

According to the UEA Bylaws, the duties and purposes of the Council of Local Presidents are to:

a.  Support the promotion of education in the state of Utah and the advancement of the educator professionally, economically, and socially as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation of the Utah Education Association.

b.  Assist in development and promotion of UEA policies.

c.  Serve as an advisory body to the UEA Board of Directors.

d.  Assist in informing local associations of UEA policies, programs, and action.

e.  Provide local information and feedback to the Board of Directors, committees (login required), and the House of Delegates (login required).

f.  Provide a structure through which local presidents and presidents-elect/vice presidents may cooperatively consider local problems and programs.