AutoPay Support

The AutoPay UniServ Support encourages UniServs to think about long-term and short-term plans for transitioning to EFT. The UEA partners with UniServs in continued membership engagement by offering $2,000 to develop conversion plans.

Application Process

Applications are available now, and must be submitted before June 1, 2024. Funding is provided per UniServ. Once we receive the UniServ Grant request, we will deposit the full amount into the UniServ account. We ask that the following is considered:

  1. Long-term plan to have members flipped to EFT.
  2. Short-term plan, should legislature pass a law, to have members flipped to EFT

Support Conditions

To apply for Spring Membership Support, complete the application below.

  • Applications should be submitted by the UniServ Director, in collaboration with local leaders and UniServ OMC representative.
  • Applications are subject to UEA approval and available funding. Applications will be reviewed by the UEA Executive Director, AutoPay team, and the UEA Board of Directors.
  • UEA will fund $2,000 per UniServ.
  • Applications are due by June 1, 2024.


Connect with UEA Office at 801-266-4461/800-594-8996.

AutoPay UniServ Support