Jordan UniServ appoints Kristi Critchlow UniServ director

The Jordan UniServ named former UEA staff member Kristi Critchlow as UniServ director for the Jordan UniServ.

In her former role at UEA, Critchlow served as legal assistant; Communications & PR associate; Organizing, Capacity Building & Member Benefits associate and the UEA delegation coordinator for the NEA Representative Assembly. She previously worked as an intern at NEA Priority Schools and Education Policy and Practice in Washington, DC.

“This work is so very important to me,” said Critchlow. “For me it is a way to give back to the teachers — this profession has helped shape me and has provided me with the knowledge that learning is more than a letter grade. I look forward to working with the great teachers of Canyons and Jordan.”

Critchlow earned degrees in Sociology and Criminology and Corrections from the University of Utah. She was a facilitator at the NEA Leadership Summits in Atlanta and Las Vegas. She has also been a guest teacher in Granite School District and served as Council PTA president/local president and chair on community councils.

Critchlow replaces Jennifer Boehme, who accepted a position as UEA executive director, and Jessica Dunn, who is now a director in the Granite UniServ. The Jordan UniServ serves educators in the Jordan and Canyons School Districts.