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UEA Legislative Activities

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Staying Involved with Legislative Activities

Whether you are a casual observer or a diehard political junkie, the Utah Education Association wants to keep members informed on education issues. Communications during the Utah Legislative session will have the following main elements:

UEA ‘Under the Dome’
The “Under the Dome” website will be updated regularly with news and links to relevant information. The UEA President and members of the Legislative Team will also provide regular updates on activities and their commentary on happenings during the session and post them to the site.

Educator Day on the Hill
The UEA is continuing its successful “Educator Day on the Hill” activities.

UEA Action Bulletin
The UEA will provide legislative email updates on important breaking news through the new UEA Action Bulletin e-newsletter.

UEA Action E-mail Newsletter
A summary of current happenings at the Utah Legislature will be shared with all members in each monthly issue of the new UEA Action e-newsletter during the Legislative session.

UEA Action Digest
A summary of UEA activities and results from the Utah Legislative session will be included in the print issue of the UEA Action Digest delivered to all members.