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Special Legislative Event on Select Days

EDOH Plus brings local teams to UEA on Thursday night prior to a Friday Educator Day on the Hill. Beginning at 6:00 pm, participants have dinner, network and learn in more detail about the legislative process and effective strategies to positively influence policy making. It’s a great opportunity to build confidence and skills that will be put to immediate use on Capitol Hill the very next day and it’s especially helpful for someone who will be attending Educator Day on the Hill for the first time. Plus, it’s fun!

2020 EDOH Plus Dates

  • January 30
  • February 6
  • February 13
  • February 20
  • February 27
  • March 5
Travel reimbursement and hotel accommodations may be provided based on distance. If you are interested in attending EDOH Plus, please contact your local president or UniServ Director

Additional resources:
Social media is a great way to connect during the session and afterward. Here are a few options to follow/like:
 @UEAHeidi #EducatorDayOnTheHill
 @myUEA #utpol
 @jbpascal #utleg
 @chaseC007 #uted