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2012 Issue: Payroll Deduction

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Payroll Deduction of Public Employee Association Dues

Although several legislators had discussed placing various levels of restrictions on payroll deduction for public employee association dues during the 2012 Legislative Session, only House Bill 350 (Daw) was introduced. This bill originally would have prohibited the payroll deduction of dues. Through the work of the UEA and a coalition of public employee organizations expressing concerns to legislators, it was changed to allow employees belonging to any professional or trade organization to be added to payroll deduction. The bill passed the House on March 1, but was not heard in the Senate before the Session ended on March 8.

A few states have passed bills that eliminate payroll deduction for Association dues. These are in various stages of legal challenges. Some states have simply elected to collect dues in a different manner. Even though payroll deduction rights were not eliminated in Utah this year, the UEA will continue its work to "flip" the collection of membership dues away from payroll deduction to other methods via E-Z Pay. See more about E-Z pay.

UEA’s Position:

  • The UEA, along with coalition partners, will fight any attempt to silence our voice by ending payroll deduction.
  • This battle is all about politics. The attempt to eliminate payroll deduction for Association members is about weakening UEA and our locals.
  • There is no evidence to suggest this move would in any way improve teaching or student learning.
  • This fight diverts us from the important issues facing public education – such as the need for adequate funding, class size reduction, and the resources to provide a quality teacher for every child.
  • This is a national strategy to weaken the Association and silence educator voices.
  • The Utah Education Association will continue the battle to protect the rights of our teacher members and the students they serve.