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The UEA Position on Learning Standards & Accountability

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The Utah Education Association believes the learning standards established for students at each grade level should be clearly articulated and understood by educators, parents, and students. The UEA also supports ongoing assessment of student performance and sharing this information on student progress with parents, policy makers, and others.

  • Assessments of student performance should be directly linked to the CORE curriculum- to the lessons educators teach and the texts and materials they use.
  • No one assessment measure alone should be used to measure a student's performance.
  • A variety of assessment types should be used to measure progress.

The primary purposes for assessment and uses of the data are:

  1. To give educators information which allows them to adjust their practice to meet the needs of each student.
  2. To help students and their parents identify the student's strengths and needs.
  3. To measure the effectiveness of teaching programs and strategies.
  • Educators, who work with students every day, must be involved in developing assessment systems and must have timely access to the results.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive assessment system must be fully funded.