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School Community Council Guides

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Effective school community councils consist of parents and professionals working together to address the needs of students. Some of the councils' activities are required by rule and law, but most are simply an expression of community-spirited individuals trying to do what they know must be done to help students succeed. In the sections that follow, you will find a collection of checklists or guides that offer council members some direction in forming, conducting and managing the process of school improvement. The first of these guides, “School Community Council Compliance Standards”, identifies and explains the activities and procedures required by state law as well as by rules established by the Utah State Board of Education. Additional guides are in development and will be available shortly. These guides will contain statements and brief descriptions of “best practices”, or recommended strategies for school community council members to follow as they strive to assist one another in their important work.

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More information and a copy of applicable laws are available at