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May 4 Last day a veto-override session may begin
May 19 Education Interim Committee, 8:30 a.m.
June 15 Public Ed Approp Interim, 8:30 a.m.
June 16 Education Interim Committee, 8:30 a.m.
Sept 16 Education Interim Committee, 8:30 a.m.
Oct 19 Public Ed Approp Interim, 8:30 a.m.
Oct 20 Education Interim Committee, 8:30 a.m.
Nov 17 Education Interim Committee, 8:30 a.m.

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Who Are These People?

Submitted by UEA Policy Ambassador Hunter Clapsadl, sixth-grade teacher at Diamond Ridge Elementary School in Granite School District

I have always been a bit intimidated by local and state government. Who are these people? They must be so much smarter than I am if they are a government official! How do I even know who my representatives are? The seemingly obvious but personally monumental discovery I have made this legislative session is that these elected officials are just regular people.

Over the course of the legislative session, I sent many emails to different representatives and senators, some from my district and some outside of it. I was met with responses from a handful and even though I had quite a few emails that never saw a response, it was refreshing to be able to actually make contact with people working in my state. After these emails though, I felt that my general questions were not really achieving my goal of building relationships with those in our local government…



Legislative archives

2021 UEA Legislative Activities

Teachers’ voices are critical to the policymaking process. Whether you are a casual observer or a diehard political junkie, the Utah Education Association wants to keep members informed on education issues.

Like many other things during COVID-19, the 2021 Utah Legislative Session will look very different than in previous years. While there are no planned in-person Educator Day on the Hill activities at the Capitol, there are still plenty of opportunities to stay informed and for your voice to be heard. UEA communications during the Utah Legislative session will have the following main elements:

UEA ‘Under the Dome’

Read daily updates from the UEA Legislative Team, follow the progress of education-related bills and view comprehensive legislative resources at UEA Under the Dome (HERE). The site is updated regularly with news and links to relevant information. The UEA President and members of the Legislative Team also provide regular updates on activities and their commentary on happenings during the session.

Weekly Briefing

Join the UEA Legislative Team for a UEA Capitol Insights Zoom briefing each Thursday at 4:30 p.m. during the legislative session. You’ll hear the latest updates on important education issues and have the chance to ask questions of the UEA lobby team. Register here (register once and you can use the link to join each week).
Persons needing reasonable accommodations, including auxiliary communicative services, should contact Shawnie Thurgood, shawnie.thurgood@myUEA.org, at least two full business days prior to the meeting.

Email Updates

Receive regular email updates during 2021 Legislative Session by registering as a UEA activist. Sign up to be a UEA activist and receive the UEA Capitol Insights e-newsletter here.

Live Video Updates

Watch for regular Facebook Live updates from your UEA Legislative Team at the Capitol. Follow the UEA on Facebook at facebook.com/UtahEducationAssociation.

‘Why Educators Lobby’ Video

Wondering why UEA encourages educators to get involved in the legislative session in the first place? Hear Utah legislators and fellow teachers explain how policy and budget decisions are made, how these decisions impact educators and why educators should get involved.

Lobbying Training Videos

No doubt the 2021 legislative session will be unusual. Watch UEA videos on effective virtual lobbying during the 2021 Legislative Session.

Virtual Townhall Meetings

With fewer opportunities for personal meetings this year, watch for opportunities through your local association to participate in virtual townhall meetings with your representatives and senators.

UEA Policy Ambassadors

A team of UEA Policy Ambassadors represent teachers and provide commentary during each Legislative Session (view reports from the 2021 UEA Policy Ambassadors).

UEA Action Bulletin

The UEA will provide legislative email updates on important breaking news through the UEA Action Bulletin e-newsletter.

UEA Action E-mail Newsletter

A summary of current happenings is shared with all members in each monthly issue of the UEA Action e-newsletter during the Legislative session.

UEA Action Digest

A summary of UEA activities and results from the Utah Legislative session is included in the April print issue of the UEA Action Digest delivered to all members.


Please feel free to reach out to any member of the UEA Legislative Team if you have any questions.

Educator Day on the Hill

2021 UEA Educator Day on the Hill

Like many other things during COVID-19, the 2021 Utah Legislative Session will look very different than in previous years. While there are no planned in-person Educator Day on the Hill activities at the Capitol, there are still plenty of opportunities to stay informed and for your voice to be heard.

View the full list of 2021 UEA Legislative Activities for opportunities to stay informed and be involved in the political process.


Please feel free to reach out to any member of the UEA Legislative Team if you have any questions

We look forward to seeing you at one of our in-person Educator on the Hill days in 2022!

UEA Legislative Team

Whether we like it or not, what happens on Utah’s Capitol Hill impacts what we do in the classroom. That’s why your UEA Legislative Team works with Utah legislators and policymakers to support our teachers and promote the UEA Legislative Platform as determined by Utah educators at the UEA House of Delegates.

Your UEA Legislative Team Members

Heidi Matthews, UEA President
Tel: 801-266-4461, ext. 102

Renee Pinkney, UEA Vice President
Tel: 801-266-4461, ext. 105

Jay Blain, UEA Director of Policy and Research
Cell: 801-641-5297

Chase Clyde, UEA Director of Government Relations and Political Action
 Cell: 435-260-9760

Sara Jones, Ph.D., UEA Director of Educational Excellence and Government Relations
Cell: 801-558-5500

Mike Kelley, UEA Director of Communications
Cell: 801-699-1452

Legislative Voting Records

Each year, the Utah Education Association tracks numerous bills during the legislative session. The UEA then reviews the voting records of legislators and highlights selected bills voted on in the Legislature that would have significant impact on public education, the education profession and the UEA. It is important to note that a voting record is but one of several indicators used to evaluate legislators. It does not explain the reasons a legislator voted a certain way on a bill, and in some cases the final percentage might not accurately reflect a legislator’s overall support for public education.

From bills affecting funding for public education, educator professionalism and grading schools to parent rights, technology and school board elections, lawmakers consider a wide variety of education-related measures during their 45-day session. In addition to using “final floor votes” on most bills, the UEA analysis includes committee votes and votes on important amendments. Often times these votes provide a more critical, or accurate, indication of a legislator’s support. The UEA encourages you to contact your legislators directly to ask them to explain their votes. Contact information for your legislators is available from the Utah Legislature look-up page.


Previous Utah State Legislative Voting Records