How to Become a Member

Select the classification of the membership (below) that best fits your situation. You may contact your local association/UniServ office to enroll or complete the steps below.

First, print and complete the appropriate Membership Enrollment Form. 

Second, choose your method of dues payment. Members employed part- or full-time in a public school typically pay dues through automatic payroll deduction. Members not employed – like retired members – pay by cash or check. Student members may pay by cash, check or online.

Third, mail your enrollment application and payment (if applicable) to the Utah Education Association at P.O. Box 57880, Murray, Utah, 84157-0880.

There are five categories of Association membership available to education professionals (below). For more information click on the category that best describes your situation.

1.    Active Membership (full- or part-time)

Includes those possessing a bachelor degree or higher from an institution of higher education, holding the appropriate teaching license, and employed full- or part-time in a Utah public school. Also includes those pursuing a non-traditional teaching license or teaching in “technical trades” in secondary or post-secondary institutions. You can enroll as an active member now by completing the online sign-up at www.myuea.org/belong or connecting with your local UniServ for a paper application. Membership dues vary by local. Connect with your UniServ Director, Local President or Building Leader for a summary of membership

2.     Reserve Membership

Reserve Membership is available to former members of the Association who no longer qualify for Active membership: those on Leave of Absence, educators serving as a teaching intern on a partial salary, graduate students with a teaching certificate, or others not otherwise qualified for membership. For more information please contact the state membership office at 801-266-4461.

3.     Retired Membership

Retired Membership is available to former members no longer employed, at least forty-five years of age, who were employed at least five years in a position qualifying for Active membership. For additional information and a membership application, please see the UEA Retired page.

4.     Aspiring Educator Membership

Aspiring educator membership is available to students enrolled in teacher preparation courses in a Utah accredited public or private college or university and who does not have a teaching contract. Students may enroll online or by completing the printable application on the Aspiring Educators Program page.

5.     Staff Membership

Staff Membership is available to any person employed by the Association or its affiliates in a professional staff position. Contact the UEA Office for membership information.

For more information about Association membership, contact the UEA Membership Office at 801-266-4461 or 1-800-594-8996.