How Did Your Lawmaker Score on 2023 Utah Legislator Voting Scorecard?

The Utah Education Association (UEA) tracked numerous bills during the 2023 legislative session.

This summary highlights several bills that could significantly impact public education and
educators. It is important to note that a voting record is but one of several indicators used to evaluate

From a private school voucher program and curriculum transparency to paid professional hours and
school grading, legislators considered various education-related bills during the 45-day session.

The UEA encourages you to contact your legislators directly to ask them to explain their votes.

Visit UEA Under the Dome to review additional materials such as the 2023 UEA legislative tracking
sheet and the 2023 UEA legislative summary.


2023_house_voting_complete scorcard

2023_senate_voting_complete scorecard

2023 UT Senate Legislature Voting Scorecard

2023 UT House Legislature Voting Scorecard