Graduation Attire Bill Passed Committee, Curriculum Transparency Bill Defeated (Again)

On February 14, the Senate Education Committee debated just two bills. SB 103 (Student Graduation Attire Modifications) sponsored by Sen. Karen Kwan (D-Murray) states that students may wear items of cultural or religious significance as an adornment at a high school graduation ceremony so long as they don’t cause significant disruption. The bill passed unanimously. Rep. Jefferson Burton (R-Utah County) also presented HJR 3 (Joint Resolution Recognizing School Teachers). UEA previously testified in favor of this resolution and applauded the bill sponsor’s efforts. The bill passed unanimously.


After being defeated last week in House Education, HB 344 (Local Policies for Course Content Transparency) was defeated on the House Floor 26-46. After failing in committee on Thursday, the bill sponsored by Rep. Jordan Teuscher (R-South Jordan) was amended to remove references to a local policy addressing pedagogy and to focus solely on class content. The revision successfully passed out of committee before it was defeated on the House Floor. UEA opposed the bill.